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    Mahayag is known to be a 3rd class municipality in the province of Zamboanga del Sur. It has a...
    High Incidence of Hypertension Poor Safe Water Practices Improper Solid Waste Management ...
    GENERAL OBJECTIVE To decrease the number of malnourished children ages 0-59 months from 16% to...
    GENERAL OBJECTIVE To establish a well-functioning barangay health emergency response system in...
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    Snippets of our adventures

    See you soon, Manguiles! | August 2020

    Let's look back on the fun days we had in our second home. Again, we thank all the residents for their warm welcome and for treating us as one of their own. We will surely see you again when everything gets better!

    Daghang Salamat, Manguiles! | March 2020

    From the bottom of our hearts, we love and thank Manguiles for being our foster home the last 4 years.

    Kalibanga Monster! | July 2018

    Upper Manguiles Elementary School students met Kalibanga Monster!

    Happy Fiesta, Manguiles! | February 2018

    Conducted house-to-house survey. Also our first fiesta experience in the barangay!

    Hello, Manguiles! | December 2016

    Our first ever community exposure. Thank you for the warm welcome, Manguiles!


    We are medical students from Ateneo de Zamboanga University- School of Medicine. We are comprised of nine heads, eighteen feet, all walking towards one same destination – MD, MPH. And this blog? THIS is our JOURNEY. Travel along with us as we unravel parts of ourselves unknown even to us, as we venture into regions outside the boundaries of social entities we’ve long been existing in. Rejoice with us. Struggle with us. BE ONE OF US.

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    The Home-Along-Manguiles group envisions a thriving, healthy community wherein the social, environmental, and economic states coexists in equilibrium. Furthermore, we envision of equitable community engagement, inter-sectoral partnerships, political commitment, a healthy public policy, and an asset-based community development.

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    The Home-Along-Manguiles community group exists to help the local government unit in providing quality health care through interventions with wide participation of residents in decision-making. Hence, we exist to strengthen mutually-supportive relationships and networks by integrating strong local, cultural and spiritual heritage in responsible usage of resources to ensure long-term sustainability.

  • Profiles

    We've got a top notch team!

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    Ahamed Kabeer, Fathima

    Safe Water Practices Project Leader

    Kekong is a lioness clothed in a prayer robe. She is brutally honest yet compassionate, independent yet maternal, intelligent yet sensitive, and serious yet fun-loving. She led the group the longest because of her power to empower.

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    Ahmad, Ameer Eldin

    Barangay Health Services Project Leader

    Although the quiet guy, Din has a lot to say when he is passionate about something. This is not just by words but even by his actions. When he sets his mind on it, he will do it despite the many challenges. He is persistent and this has in so many ways helped Manguiles become what it is now.

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    Cabanlit, Pillar del Cielo

    Solid Waste Management Project Leader

    Pillar is like a seed that grew as time passed by in the community immersions. With the saddening realities that showered her awareness through the years, she matured into a more energetic and passionate person who was willing to give shelter to the community people who were burnt out with their problems.

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    Daguio, Janna Rae

    Hypertension Project Leader

    Janna’s personality is as lovely as her voice. She is like a secret magnet that even the community people whom she just met were willing to share their life story and secrets with her. Although silent most of the time, she is the best card when the team is asked to present with intermission numbers.

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    Francisco, Jessa

    Barangay Health Services Project Leader

    Jessa is someone you can easily get along with, and is always fun to be around with. She likes to sing and dance even when there is no occasion. She puts thought and care in everything she does. She is a sweet friend, and a great soon-to-be doctor.

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    Munabirul, Fatima Shereen

    Malnutrition Project Leader

    A person of boundless beauty with a golden heart would best describe Shereen. She has gracefully survived the challenging four years with her good intellect. She is one of the most wonderful friends that one may have.

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    Tomas, Celeste Joyce

    Malnutrition Project Leader

    Compliments to the team’s best chef, Twinkle. She is the ever-meticulous member, the queen of finances, the team’s very own Bisaya translator, and the go-to for life hacks. All the motherly skills and wisdom that she has truly helped the team survive.

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    Vasquez, Divina Grace

    Hypertension Project Leader

    Vina is the kind of person whose generosity is unmatched. Her bubbly personality outshines the most. She is the person who not only get things done quickly, but also most efficiently.

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