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Timeline of Activities

Brief discussion of our activities and programs during this exposure

January 7: Arrival

It's not as dreadful as it used to be anymore. There are so many things we could do for our community. There are so many ways to be helpful to the people.

January 8: Courtesy Call at the Brgy. Hall

At the start of every exposure, we pay our visit and send our greetings to the barangay officials and barangay health workers.

January 9-12: Survey (Puroks 1 & 3)

This part consists of the assessment and identification of the problems the community with the use of survey sheets prepared a semester prior to this exposure. The survey sheets we used strategically include checklists to assess the economic status of the respondents, practices on health, solid waste management and food preparation and more. From this we derived the list of problems in the community.

January 13 & 27: Zumba

Part of our health promotion program in the community is conducting Hataw Zumba sessions for a healthier lifestyle to combat diseases especially hypertension.

January 14-18 & 23: Continuation of Survey (Puroks 5 & 4)

We had to push ourselves harder and extend our patience. At least 85% of the households in the barangay should be surveyed for our efforts to be valid and goals attained.

January 19-20: Fiesta Preparation

The whole week almost felt like Christmas. We were so busy preparing for the fiesta. We had to decorate the stage and organize games and the program.

January 21: FIESTA!!!

The carabao meat was so good! The program went well! There were games, intermission numbers, and a lot of people participated too!

January 26: Presentation of Data to the Core Group

Our core group consists of the barangay officials, barangay health workers and barangay nutrition scholar. We presented to them the results of the survey. Together, we made a list of possible problems the community is suffering from based from the results.

January 30: General Assembly and FGD

This time, it was the turn of the community people to know the results of the survey. We discussed with them what the problems were and how these problems affected their health. Later that day, we grouped the community people by purok for their Focused Group Discussion (FGD) wherein we assessed their behaviors towards the problems. Through FGD, we were able to identify risk factors and practices contributing to the problems. We also asked for their suggested strategies and plans in tackling and solving their problems.

February 1: Departure

No goodbyes, just see you soon!

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