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One out of ten (1/10)


It was yet another exhausting and exhilarating experience.

1. Being healthy doesn't mean just being disease-free. The condition of our environment influences the well-being of its individual. Our provincial government believes that in the process of attaining a sound environment, the community should be engaged in planting more trees. We the medical students of ADZU-SOM were there to thank and support them for their initiative.

2. In the middle of difficulties lie opportunities and when one window of opportunity opens, don't pull down the shade. Through the efforts of Beta Sigma Fraternity and Sigma Beta Sorority, a medical outreach program was born. The medical students of ADZU SOM were there to assist during the consultation, performing of surgical processes and in dispensing medications.

3. Conducting surveys is an unbiased approach to decision-making. Barangay Manguiles has been our community the last four years and it is essential to re-evaluate the efficacy of our programs or projects. A total of 237, 80% of the total households were surveyed.

4. Water quality testing is important because it identifies contaminants and prevents water-borne diseases. Essentially, water quality testing makes sure that water is safe and meets local and international water standards. In line with our community health problem number four: poor access to safe water, water analysis was conducted from each purok's major source of drinking water.

5. The creation of a blood pressure monitoring team called "TeamHALTapresyon" was done. To enhance their knowledge and skills in monitoring and prevention of hypertension, they underwent a one-day refresher seminar that discussed the classification system, signs and symptoms, risks, complications and management of hypertension.

6. To better respond to the health needs of the people, the new set of barangay health workers were trained to do proper vital signs taking. Their roles and responsibilities toward the health of the community were also discussed. The group of medical students received positive feedback from the barangay health workers for their efforts to instill vital knowledge.

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