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Season of Feeding

Christmas is the season of giving, not only giving of gifts but giving back to the community. This exposure was mainly dedicated to the supplemental feeding program of the undernourished children aged 0-5 years old in Barangay Manguiles, Mahayag Municipality, Zamboanga del Sur. Everyday, the house was filled with children and mothers, united to uplift children from malnutrition. The program also included series of cooking demonstrations and Mother's classes on proper nutrition.

In line with the CHP on Safe Water Access, water analysis was conducted on the main water supply of Manguiles Elementary School, Barangay MAnguiles, Mahayag Municipality. Results showed evidence of microorganisms in the water supply. A lecture on Solar Disinfection was conducted by the Municipal Sanitary Inspector among individuals aged 18 years old and above to help combat this problem.

Hypertension remains an increasing problem in the community due to hypertensives not seeking consultation and non-compliance to medications. This exposure, monitoring was still done among all identified pre-hypertensive and hypertensive individuals. An appointment was set with the Municipal Health Officer for another "Mass Diagnosis and Enrolment to Hypertensive Club" in the municipality. This gives the individual privilege of getting free medications.

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