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No Access to Safe Water for Drinking




The Problem

As of 2015, 36% of the total households in Manguiles (108 out of 300) have no access to safe drinking water. Some do not have stand posts and their primary source of water is taken from springs. In addition to this, some households have stated that they do not practice any method of purification of drinking water.

The Proposed Solutions

With the current situation, a number of solutions are being proposed. First of which are lectures to improve both knowledge and awareness of the community people regarding the importance of safe water, as well as waterborne diseases. Aside from this, plays and short stories shall be shown to maximize knowledge retention.

Another proposal is the formation of the Safe Water Engineering Group (SWEG). They shall be comprised of purok leaders and community scholars whose main function is aiding and sustaining the water systems which is yet another proposal – the TuLaKa: “tubig inumin ko, push ko” Project. The TuLaKa Project is a combination of three different water purifying systems which are as follows: Project Tubig (SODIS), Project Lapok (clay-sawdust water filter), and Project Kawayan (bamboo charcoal water filter). Although only the SWEG members shall be the ones responsible for the creation of all water systems per purok, whichever they prefer to have, the whole community shall actively participate in the lectures and demonstrations for each. To obtain the necessary funding and materials for the said project, different governmental and non-governmental organizations shall be tapped and fund-raising activities such as the COLORUN shall be conducted.


    The SWEG members shall be major overseer for the different projects, especially the TuLaKa Project. The SODIS station, clay-sawdust and bamboo charcoal water filters do not need constant monitoring since they are all self-sustaining. The SODIS may need to be cleaned every once in a while but the other filters may be used over and over again without any inconvenience.

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