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The major problem in achieving better control of hypertension in a community is based on the fact that hypertension is a silent asymptomatic disease. Lack of knowledge of the general population as to the nature of elevated blood pressure, its morbid effects and the methods of maintaining its control is widespread and contributes to the large percentage of undetected and untreated hypertensive subjects in a community.


To increase the number of controlled hypertensive individuals from 53% to 80% in Barangay Manguiles, Municipality of Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur by year 2020.




Specific Objective 1

To establish a health-related community organization on hypertension


  1. Identified and classified the blood pressure measurements of residents
  2. Conducted a general assembly where problems and proposed solutions were presented
  3. Initiated an open forum for improvement of proposed solutions, strategies and activities

Specific Objective 2

To develop an organized and effective hypertension control and management system


  1.  Organized a one-day workshop on the proper blood pressure taking among BHWs
  2. Held a seminar discussing essential topics on hypertension among BHWs
  3. Reassessed skills and knowledge through a return demonstration of BHWs
  4. Held a seminar workshop regarding the referral system of hypertensive individual

Specific Objective 3

To improve the barangay case-finding scheme for hypertension and ensure adequate documentation of target population


  1. Conducted a free mass BP taking per purok
  2. Reassessed and re-identified hypertensive individuals
  3. Distributed monitoring booklets to identified residents
  4. Endorsed logbooks to BHWs
  5. Monitoring of hypertensive individuals every 3 weeks

Specific Objective 4

To increase the community’s knowledge regarding the risks, early detection, and prevention of hypertension


  1. Conducted lectures per purok with the theme, “Buhay ay tiyakin, altapresyon ating kontrolin
  2. Distributed pamphlets about hypertension

Specific Objective 5

To address the modifiable risk factors of hypertension


  1. Conducted a Zumba session named “Healthy dancing for the kasing kasing” once a week
  2. Introduced DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) during a week long activity entitled as “Be careful with your heart: prutas at gulay araw-arawin, matamis, mamantik at maalat, hinay-hinayin
  3. Coordinated with the RHU to conduct a 1-day free consultation on the barangay for persistent stage 1 and stage 2 hypertensive individuals led by the Municipal Health Office
  4. Conduct a message writing activity among hypertensive couples entitled as “Handog para sa aking iniirog

Specific Objective 6

Intensify Anti-hypertension Campaign utilizing existing DOH Hypertension and Diabetes Club of the government


  1. Coordinated with the RHU for the enrolment of the identified hypertensive individuals to the DOH Hypertension and Diabetes Club and provision of free maintenance medications
  2. Reassessed and categorized hypertensive residents
  3. Collaborated with the local government and private sectors to request funds for the provision of BP apparatus for the barangay

Specific Objective 7

To sustain and strengthen the monitoring and the management referral system of hypertensive residents.


  1. Re-evaluated the programs implemented yearly
  2. Conduct a barangay general assembly on the results of the implementation of the programs


As of March 2020, the noted increase of 4% progression of Stage 1 hypertensives to Stage II hypertensive individuals could be attributed to a lot of factors but most especially non-compliance to medications and lack thereof. The attention was brought to the municipal health officer who in return made it a point to reach out to the department of health. Other factors that deserve attention are the geographical factor, Manguiles being 16 kilometers away from the municipal center, the lifestyle of the people especially that their diet is high in salt content and their poor health seeking behaviors mostly because hypertension is asymptomatic and due to financial constraints.

The series of lecture on hypertension might have instilled change in the people. Although the 80% objective was not meant, it could be noted that more people are participating in activities to address hypertension such as the BP monitoring, lectures and Zumba sessions.

The compliance rate among the enrolled hypertensive individuals is at 53%. The continuance of programs of instilling healthy habits as a part of each individual’s daily lifestyle practices has also been bearing fruits. Recently with the introduction of the DASH Diet, wherein 70% of the hypertensive individuals attended and scored higher than passing rate, it is expected to have less progressions and mortalities and more compliance, hopefully. With the presence of the very knowledgeable BHWs, the team is confident to leave the hypertensive individuals in their care for proper assessment and due referral

The figure above shows the comparison between the number of pre-hypertensive and hypertensive individuals every community exposure. Blood pressure monitoring is done every 3 weeks by BHWs accompanied by medical students. There is a noted steady decline in the number of mortalities due to cerebrovascular accidents. Although the trend in progression has been decreasing, in December 2019 and March 2020, a 4% progression was also noted in the Stage 1 and Stage 2 individuals. There is a need to increase compliance to medications to avoid further complications most especially death. With the help and efforts of the medical students, BHWs, midwife, nurse and the RHU, case finding, diagnosis and provenance of medications have greatly alleviated the possible complications of the hypertension.

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