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Conceptual Framework

Let's go SuperManguiles!

Meet the aspiring young athlete, Manguiles and witness as he embarks on his one-of-a-kind marathon! His only aim is to triumph and finish first despite the series of tiresome and outstretched hurdles on the race track! Will he be able to gain victory and earn its glory, after all? Quite frankly, well, of course; a big fat yes to that!


His burning desire to win the said marathon is further fueled by his ever-supportive coach. This coach, dubbed as his great mentor, is the powerful trio combination: (1) the Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Medicine (ADZU SOM) students, (2) the local government units (LGU’s) and (3) the non-government organizations (NGO’s).


The coach begins the intense preparation for the marathon through the athlete’s introspection. The coach’s rationale is that he believes: through introspection, the athlete will wholeheartedly be willing to face his challenges head-on! The coach guides and facilitates the process by holding a general assembly. With this, the coach, together with the athlete, recognizes then targets their main opponent: the hurdles. Once identified, the coach and the athlete will prioritize according to importance and then, devise a structured plan for a sure feat!


Hereon, the athlete then imbibes change in perspective and utilizes his own resources for a greater chance of winning. The coach, as well, taking the role of LGU’s and NGO’s, offers full support by provision of the must-have gears which are essentials, too, for the athlete to finish first!


The athlete now full of vigor runs with just the fair amount of speed needed to jump off each obstacle with success. The coach, watches closely along the pavement, and enthusiastically cheers athlete Manguiles on. “Manguilets go! You can do it!”, the coach repeatedly shouts.


Athlete Manguiles clears all the hurdles with ease and raced to the finishing line! Bravo! He earned his glory and finished strong and independent athlete from here on! What he learned from his coach left traces on him and is now fully able to face any hurdle coming his way.




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