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Community Health Initial Diagnosis

Top Six(6) Problems

After a series of data gathering, consolidation, and analysis, a community diagnosis was established. There were SIX (6) problems recognized, making Barangay Manguiles an UNHEALTHY community. The identified community problems are as follows:

  1. Inaccessibility to Health Care Service

Barangay Health Center (BHC), as defined, is a community-based and patient-directed organization that serves as the first point of contact between residents of the community and other health care facility levels. Barangay Manguiles has no BHC and is only a catchment area. The health care personnel utilize the Barangay Hall for any health services offered, and the midwife, together with the BHW’s, BNS and NDP are scheduled to visit atleast once a month.

  1. Lack of Toilet Facilities

The proper disposal of human waste prevents water supplies, food, and people’s hands from becoming contaminated; which calls for a good toilet facility. It has been observed that majority of the households in the barangay share a common toilet. There are households with openpit toilet, while others have no toilet at all.

  1. Improper Waste Disposal Practices

Land and air pollution can be two (2) of the many outcomes of improper waste disposal practices. Therefore, having a proper habit of disposing wastes is vital to the health. The residents have expressed that they are unaware of the schedule of garbage collection. Due to this, they resort to burning, burying and dumping of wastes within the premises of their homes.

  1. Poor Water System

In a Lancet article (2005), it stated that the negative impact of poor water supply and sanitation affects more people than war, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction combined. With this, it has been observed that there are a number of households withwater source situated meters away from them. Also, some households voiced out that they do not practicing any method of purification of drinking water. Some have no stand post and their sources of water are through unprotected springs.

  1. High Incidence of High Blood Pressure

Hypertension has always been prevalent and is estimated to cause 7.5 million deaths worldwide, according to WHO statistics (2008). Although diagnosing hypertension is quite a job, having a baseline data of the community people’s blood pressure can indeed be helpful. As the group has conducted series of blood pressure taking throughout the community exposure, it has been noted that majority of the people have high blood pressure.

  1. Poor Eye Health

Based from the group’s personal interaction with Dr. Yolfry Diaz Wines during a medical mission, there are high cases of Pterygium and Cataract among the residents.

The barangay is diagnosed as unhealthy based on the grounds that a healthy community should possess the aforementioned characteristics described by the WHO Geneva.

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